General Manager Mission Statement

In today’s stressed markets we have shown strong consideration for our customer’s economic position, and it is from this that we have forged many excellent relationships.

At WH&F we do more than simply supply a product, we understand that our success is dependent upon our customers’ success.

Our vision, driven through continuous improvement measures, is to innovate ourselves as a quality provider for the sales, service and refurbishment of our mechanical and industrial fluid power business streams.

To position ourselves at a competitive advantage we have established ethical supply chains, quality policies and procedures, and provided specialist training for our employees.

Our mission is to provide the customer with a product, as good as and/or better than new, and a service second to none, placing WH&F at the forefront of engineering excellence, while providing a return on your investment in us.

OUR workforce

At WHF, we pride ourselves on our dedicated workforce located in the thriving industrial hub of Norrie Avenue, Whyalla.

We prioritize extensive training for our team, offering a diverse range of educational programs such as bearing technology, bearing care, and the utilization of intricate Laser alignment equipment.

Safety courses and daily hands-on training further ensure that our staff is highly proficient in product knowledge, safety protocols, and OEM standards. Our people are the cornerstone of our success, setting us apart from our competition.

Their well-being is paramount, and we uphold the mission that every employee must return home safely in good health. We are committed to keeping our employees at the forefront of our industry through in-house technical training and practical experience.

As leaders in the Spencer Gulf region for Mechanical/Hydraulic and Pneumatic Service, WH&F continuously strives for excellence.